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Maria and Alex formed The South East Cakery in 2012 when they decided to turn their baking hobby into a career. “Baking was what we loved to do. We focused on building something out of that, fusing our favourite things and lifestyle throughout with food, music, fashion and ultimately how we take in the world around us. Our state of mind is very hip hop when it comes to work. We’ve done it on our own terms. Yeah why not – we’re the hip hop of baking.”

MJEM // Hailing from Herne Hill, Maria Mannoukas worked in events management before DJing full time, freeing up her daytimes to bake.

"Baking just came very naturally to me. Before the Cakery I worked for a cafe I loved in Peckham. They were one of our first wholesale customers which meant so much to me."

Maria’s Manifesto Eat Eggs and Avacado. And Creme Brûlée // Wear Gold hoops, colourful hair bands and Air Max 90’s // Listen to Dean Martin, Jill Scott and Garage.

RIDDS // alex Born in Peckham, Alex Ridley spent the best part of the of the Noughties DJing for a living.
“I started baking to get the sweet things I loved just the way I like them. I was crazy about Brownies and was spending the majority of my free time at Street Food markets. It made sense that we combine the two. That’s exactly what we did.”

Alex’s Manifesto Eat Calamari, Babotie and Bananas with Flakes in the middle // Wear G-Shocks, Carhartt and Air Max 1’s // Listen to Randy Newman, Einaudi and Action Bronson.

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